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Feel free to contact me (Brian Gahran), the author of YPGBlog, by completing this form while this website is still under construction.

Please first read the answers to some common questions below.  If your email is about one of the points below, regrettably I may not reply.


Answers to common questions

  • I am not currently looking for writers and I don’t publish guest posts on YPGBlog (or write guest posts on other blogs).
  • For questions regarding scholarly studies, academic treatises, citations and the like, Google Scholar is highly recommended.
  • Comments are disabled because I am unable to meaningfully administer them in a way that is fair to either you or me.  At some time in the future I may consider a public forum.
  • I would be grateful if you don’t send me your press releases or add me to your mailing list.  For now, I am focused on research and taking my message on the road.
  • At present I do not do link exchanges, so please don’t send them.
  • Rarely would I consider publishing a book review on YPGBlog.
  • For liability reasons, I cannot provide advice regarding personal issues such as career options, investments, lifestyle choices, etc.
  • Please do not reuse my writing in its entirety for any purposes without my express agreement.  It’s okay to publish an excerpt on your site and link back to the original article on YPGBlog.
  • Translating my articles into other languages is fine, as long as your website is not-for-profit.  Please be sure to credit me and provide a link back to the original article on YPGBlog.

I welcome suggestions and corrections.  Thank you.

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