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Young Person’s Guide to Wisdom, Power and Life Success: Making Smart Choices is jam-packed with practical life-lessons and wisdom, and is available in print and ebook format from the resellers listed below.  Order your copy today!

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  1. Gen NeXt, you and your children will be stuck paying the debt of the Baby Boom generation.  It’s no fun being old.  It’s less fun being poor.  It is hell being old and poor.  Your parents and the government will not save you.  You do not want to be one of them.  Read what’s in store for you in the Introduction to the Young Person’s Guide.
  2. Score a sample chapter, Chumley!  For most young persons, education is a passport to opportunity.  Although a four-year degree is not for everyone, some form of postsecondary education is essential to compete for tomorrow’s high-paying jobs. Since 1982, however, the cost of attending college has risen 3X faster than average family income.  Find out how you can ”learn and earn” in Chapter 13:  Level of Education.
  3. Parents and tribal elders, overwhelmingly you are your kids’ most trusted source of financial advice.  But NeXters fear they’ll be living on table scraps—Baby Boomers had the meal—and they are mad as hell about it.  Boomers, the world that you knew, understood, and controlled is changing.  Download Appendix A:  What Trusted Adults Need to Know and start the conversation now.
  4. Crave more content?  Download a potpourri of tasty leftovers from the book research, then amaze your friends with your mental mojo!  These links feature interesting insights and trends, news-you-can-use, personal development tips, and much more.  Satisfy your yen to better understand the world (and yourself)—visit Where to Go For More Info and dig in!

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