Intro to YPGBlog

Hello, and welcome to YPGBlog.  Thank you for dropping by.

This site is for young persons age 16-30, what I call Generation NeXt.  It is also important for “tribal elders”—parents, educators, older friends, or other trusted adults with whom you might share a close personal relationship.  They care about you and want you to succeed in life.  Chances are they know you better than you know yourself.

The site is written by strategic observer, Brian Gahran.  My aim is to help you, ordinary Joe or Jane Youngperson, develop power over an unpredictable future.  I try to highlight aspects of what you don’t know (but should), what you know (that just ain’t so), and what you should care about (but don’t).  It’s all about the “who-what-why-when-how” of making smart life-choices.

What matters most is opening your minds, exposing you to things you might not have considered, and getting you to think about the long-term consequences of your controllable decisions.  Of course, none of us can predict the future—my aim is to prevent you from getting the future seriously wrong.

That’s it.  Thanks again, and I hope you find it useful.
Who cuts your slice of pie? You do!