What other people say…

  • This outstanding book is required reading for young adults and concerned parents. Get it, read it, use it!  It will dramatically improve your life.  Yes, it’s that good.  ~ Tina Moncada, university director
  • Most people my age are clueless about how the real world functions.  Are you a young person?  This book will seriously challenge your thinking where the rubber meets the road.  ~ Anthony Hardie, age 22, college student
  • The single best investment young adults can make in their future success.  Looking for real power over your life?  This guide is a phenomenal resource—I wish I had it when I was starting out.  ~ Doug Boyles, Commander, USCG (Ret.)
  • Let me just say this… this book would have changed my life had I just read it and then followed its simple (not easy… BIG difference) advice.  You’ll put this guide to use the moment you finish the first chapter.  Over time, you’ll wear off the corners as you refer to it again and again.  ~ Ken Burger, Construction Engineer
  • It’s like having an amazingly smart mentor by my side.  I have not seen another book that comes close to what this one offers.  ~ Karl Meimer, web designer
  • Going to college doesn’t mean you are an adult.  At age 20 or 22, you suddenly realize there is more to life than boy (girl) friend problems and teacher issues.  If you feel lost or confused about your future, this book will turn you in the right direction. ~ keyblade, age 23, college student
  • The most sensible, practical, and well thought out approach to making sound life choices I’ve seen.  I only hope today’s youth will take advantage of it.  ~ Daniel DeCarlo, retired teacher
  • Superbly written, very comprehensive, and addictively absorbing (I love the snarky humor).  The wisdom within these covers will last a lifetime.  ~ Bev Childress, wise mom
  • This book needs to be on the front shelf at every library and in the hands of every caring parent.  ~ Sue Fox, retired librarian
  • I enjoyed how the chapters were broken down into the good, the bad, and the reality.  Like a good tutor, it won’t provide you with all of the answers; but it will help guide you to the answer that is best for you and your situation.  ~ Shane Rasband, software engineer
  • Excellent advice.  No nonsense, right to the point.  This book will greatly improve your life!  ~ Lyn Boileau, wise mom
  • Twenty-somethings — this book is an education about real life — read it.  It’s what you need to know.  I highly recommend it.  ~ shellshock2099, age 23, soldier’s wife

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