Headline news!

Headline news!

The award-winning Young Person’s Guide to Wisdom, Power, and Life‑Success: Making Smart Choices is now available.  How cool is that?

More than 500 pages of powerful life-lessons in personal economics your parents should have shared with you, but didn’t. 

Young Person’s Guide to Wisdom, Power, and Life-Success: Making Smart Choices

You cut your own slice.

How would you like to improve your judgment, make smarter choices, and take control of your life?  In Making Smart Choices, we look at the long-run implications of five controllable decisions most all young persons will make:  where you live, what lifestyle you choose, who you marry, how many children you have, and your level of education.  Learn how questionable beliefs can lead to errors in judgment, resulting in unintended personal consequences and later regret.  In real life, you don’t get to press <RESET> .

In the book, young persons (and concerned parents) will discover:

  •  How to think critically and discern what really matters.
  •  The simple formula for success and why it’s so hard to follow.
  •  What you don’t know (but should), what you know (that just ain’t so), and what you should care about (but don’t).
  • The need to take 100 percent responsibility for what happens in your life.

The rules have changed.

Today, success requires more than simply champagne wishes and caviar dreams.  This “no BS” guide challenges you to THINK and DECIDE.  It is packed with comprehensive, real-life wisdom so ignorance and inexperience won’t cost you a bundle.  You will not be the same after reading this book—you’ll have more confidence, greater freedom, and wider success.

Shameless plug?  Guilty as charged!  But we won’t let that hold us back, will we?  Young Person’s Guide to Wisdom, Power, and Life‑Success: Making Smart Choices is now available in print and ebook formats:

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